BLACKEN THE SKIES · The debut album from TERMINAL on Metropolis Records. Available now as digital download and a deluxe compact disc with a 16-page booklet.

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Rave reviews for "BLACKEN THE SKIES"

9/10. "A hell of a record... It is staggering, really how it can be so heavy and oppressive and how it can groove... It’s dark, twisted and nasty—and so far as I can tell, that makes it the perfect soundtrack to 2021." — Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume

"Terminal’s debut album, Blacken The Skies, provides a dark and powerful soundtrack to an environmentally degraded world. The man behind the project, Thomas Mark Anthony, delivers a manifesto in a rampage of relentless, industrial/glam rock fusion in such a way that it cannot, nor should be, ignored." — Ian Corbridge, Louder Than War

9/10. "Terminal’s debut album has got it all and makes crystal clear... that the time has come for thou metalheads to surrender to the new soundtrack for our apocalyptic world." — Wallace Magri, Ever Metal

"In places you can recognize EBM, Dark Rock, Gothic Rock, Wave and even Synth-Pop. And all of this fits together wonderfully... I recommend every inclined Electrohead to listen to ’Blacken The Skies’" Medienkonverter [German]

"Glam, industrial rock and a political message... Should appeal to both synth fans and hard rockers." — Kristofer Hadodo, Gaffa [Swedish]

"Blacken The Skies is both an indictment and a call to resistance... This is an excellent and original industrial-electro and EBM album by a band that deserves a place on the bigger festivals within ’die Schwarze Szene’." — Koen Asaert, Snoozecontrol [Dutch/Belgium]

The Compact Disc

The CD release of BLACKEN THE SKIES includes a beautifully designed 16-page booklet with complete lyrics.

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Songs and Lyrics

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