Preview the forthcoming album "BLACKEN THE SKIES"

Selected tracks are available for purchase in lossless formats on Bandcamp.

Terror Ride
Fault Line
Dance Fall Pray
Needle Park [Time to Die]
Riot Shields
All songs: words and Music © TERMINAL

Vulgar paeans to the false divide
Hatred heinous as a genocide denied TERMINAL · "Riot Shields"

Eminence Front [Live in Philadelphia]

No one knew at the time that this would be the last encore before the new plague made us all socially distant. A prescient Who song from almost 40 years ago. Shares crash, hopes are dashed, and people forget...

Eminence Front [live]
Words and Music © Pete Townshend

Crackdown [Descend On The Night Mix]

More than a remix, an ominous and atmospheric re-imagining of "Crackdown" courtesy of the TERMINAL Black Ops Division.

Crackdown [Descend On The Night]
Words and Music © TERMINAL