"Blacken the Skies" out February 5 on Metropolis

TERMINAL is pleased to announce that our debut album BLACKEN THE SKIES will be released by Metropolis Records on February 5, 2021. You can pre-order the album now from Metropolis Records and Bandcamp.

DEADLINE · New Video

DEADLINE: A tribute to journalists around the world who risk everything to speak the truth on which freedom depends. Learn more about ending violence against journalists at Reporters Sans Frontières. Director: Heather Rosenfeldt.

This is a sound I think I’ve been looking for but didn’t know it yet. Catatonic @ EBM-Radio.com


Many thanks to Brutal Resonance, ReGen and EBM-Radio.com for featuring TERMINAL and the DEADLINE video. Visit Reporters Sans Frontières to learn more about threats to journalists around the world.

We're headed breakneck towards a train wreck
Forsaking honour for a vast charade
Ever descending towards the ending
We filled a prison for the bastard god TERMINAL · "Terror Ride"

Preview the forthcoming album "BLACKEN THE SKIES"

Selected tracks are available for purchase in lossless formats on Bandcamp.

Terror Ride
Fault Line
Dance Fall Pray
Needle Park [Time to Die]
Riot Shields
All songs: words and Music © TERMINAL.
Voices drowning under virulent rain
Force of violence for defiants remain TERMINAL · "Dance Fall Pray"